I’m so grateful I stumbled upon this dental clinic!!! After many less than successful dental visits, I found Dr. Hwang. I was seen immediately and treated with respect and compassion!!! Not to mention the work is by far cheaper then any and all competitors (still not sure why the work is AMAZING…shhh maybe I shouldn’t say that lol) and trust me I would know I’ve been to many others!!! Thank you Dr. Hwang for restoring my faith in not only Dentist but Doctors alike!!!!!!
-Kate​ ​R

Looking for a dentist?? Want someone who’s fast (I was in and out in less than an hour, X-rays, cleaning, follow-up consultation and payment), efficient (Dr Hwang cleaned my teeth himself), effective and pain free (my teeth look and feel amazing and no scraping for hours to get the tarter off).
-Gina A

Very clean, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Thank you!
(and I hate going to “The Dentist “, but if you need to go… go here!)
-Kathy D

Dr Daniel and Trisha were beyond helpful! I have had bad experiences with dental work in the past and a tough schedule to work with. But they fit me in without any reservations. My previous dentist told me what I needed would take too long. Couldnt recommend these guys more!!
-Warren S

The BEST dentist I have ever had! Unfortunately, I have had a lot of experience with various dentist since childhood and many have been horrible to say the least so I have experience with many different styles of dentistry. Dr. Hwang is not only swift at what he does but does everything himself instead of having an assistant do it. You can feel the passion in his work. Super clean and an awesome crew there! No pressure for extra work either. Trisha is the best with making you feel great coming in and leaving. They will always work you in the schedule!
-Soo M

Dr. Hwang and Tricia are the BEST! I’ve been walking around with a front cap that has not matched the rest of my teeth for years… (It had to be replaced 12 years ago; the first time around, it was brighter than my natural teeth, so it was redone by the same dentist. To boot, I had to pay a second time and it still was an issue. I was just so disappointed & frustrated that I just gave up. have been to Dr. Hwang in just the past few months, and I can now actually smile withoutt being self-conscious! The issue with my teeth is that they are two different shades. Dr. Hwang persevered and provided me with options that I did not know were possible… He did his best to color match my cap with my natural teeth and when that did not work out the first time around, he took the initiative to try a different approach at no additional cost on the one cap. What a find! i am so thrilled to finally find such a great dentist!!!!!
-Evelyn T

After no longer able to go to my family dentist of over twenty years, dental anxiety set in. After visiting Dr. Hwang and Tricia today for a cleaning and check up, anxiety gone. I have found my new dentist!
-Lynne R